Thursday, October 30, 2008

As I sit
As I wait
I see her faces
I hear her voices

One above the rest
Expounds upon my mind
my memory
the past

I feel the touch
I long for

I move across the floor
Bodies swaying
fluttering, gliding
forever in circles
around and around.

I move again,
but each step
takes me back
as the room fills
entangled entities
dancing before me.

I run now
between the couples
they move from my path
with out notice

The high ceiling
filled with candles
flickers on her face
Blank and uninterested
But I must see

I reach for her
She does not move
I pull her to the floor
We become as the rest
moving through the room
Circles and circle.

All I want is to see
All I want it to hear
All I want is for her
To be there.

I continue to sway
She still hasn't awoken
From the trance

A drop forms
The last movement
of the beat
is fast approaching

She must awaken
before it is over.

Everyone is moving faster
anticipating the end
The dread exhumes

I hear the last line
I burst.
I stop and reach
for and embrace
the Last embrace

I fall into nothing
Nothing is around me
nothing in front

She is gone
Gone forever
into Oblivion

I sit alone
Alone in the ball room
Center under the last light remaining.

For an eternity
I stay
staring into the empty space
before my face.

The doors open
new couples float in
The overture rises
The waltz begin

Do I stand
Do I stay
Do I continue
Do I move
on, on and on

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