Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Join the Impact! - Do Your Part for Your Rights

This Saturday, all around the nation, those of the LGBT community and allies are rising up in all major cities to protest the injustices we had inflicted upon us this past week. Check out: , and look for a city near you. It is all going down between 10:30-1:30 depending on your time zone. We need to make ourselves heard! This could be the largest protest for the LGBT community since StoneWall back in the 70's.

This is a critical time, we need to show the country we are not going to take this laying down anymore.
We have to show we care.
We have to show will fight.
No one should be able to decide what rights we have.
The majority cannot make laws for the minority!

So please, if you can, protest this Saturday, tell your friends, the more people the more Impact we will make!

Godspeed everyone!

See you Saturday!

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