Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama as the AntiChrist?

Ok, let me set some things straight.
No where in the bible does it say anything remotely that Obama may be the antichrist. I have read Revelation and Daniel many times in the past, and there is nothing that leads me to believe that he would be.

Here is the most used verse Daniel 11:21 - "He will be succeeded by a contemptible person who has not been given the honor of royalty. He will invade the kingdom when its people feel secure, and he will seize it through intrigue."

Let me say that the people in this nation are not feeling secure right now. We are in the worst financial crisis since the Depression. Not to mention the 2 wars we are facing and the rising danger of Iran, North Korea, and the recent actions of Russia. We are also alone, nearly all of our allies have turned from us in support and most of the world despises us. If this is secure then I would love to know what a crisis is.

Furthermore, if you read the chapter and the book as a whole, it is so far from having anything to do with Obama. If you can seriously read the whole book and relate it to Obama entirely, please let me know.

Jesus says the rapture will come like, "a thief in the night". If this is true then no one would expect Obama to be the Anti-Christ. Seeing as how so many think he is, it would impossible for him to be part of the rapture. So infact believing he is, is un-Christian in itself since you are believing something contrary to Jesus' teachings.

Also, I have heard somethings about verses saying a "dark" man will rise to power. Though I cannot recall these verses, this is exactly how Christians justified centuries of slavery. Using the term dark to represent black people and evil, while using white to represent the Caucasian Europeans.

So please stop with all this nonsense, it makes you look ignorant and not like a good Christian.

Anyways, if Obama is the Anti-Christ,and this is the beginning of the end.... shouldn't you be happy, you have been waiting for 2000 years for it to end, well here it is, stop complaining and get ready to go. Rejoice! Jesus is coming back! The end is here! You have been telling us it is going to come every year, well if you are right in this interpretation then you should know it is all in God's plan. This is God's will. You should have nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to complain about. If you believe what you are preaching, God choose Obama to be President of the United States.

Thank you and good night


chef_the_city said...

scotty, i love you! =D

Blackguy Executive said...

This is Awesome!! Good commentary!!