Friday, January 16, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

I really do think this book and movie could help a lot of people out on so many levels. There is a story in there for everyone dealing with any trouble in the LGBT community.

If you can't read the book, (which is far better I am sure), then watch the movie. It has a great cast, (Sigourney Weaver as Mary Griffith) and the previews look amazing.

It will be coming on at 9PM EST on Saturday January 24th, on Lifetime, check your local listings to make sure.

Let me know what you all think of the movie.


Reynald said...

Thanks for the advice, I'm sure the book is much better than the movie, so I bought the book on a commercial website. I'm waiting for the delivery and be sure I will let you know my feelings about this true story. I don't know why but you seem to be a kind of inspiration to me.
Many thanks.

Zavtrak said...

Thank you for informing us about this movie. It was a very important story, with very important messages.


Steevo said...

I thought it was great. I have several blog posts about the movie and how it finally got made.

Jolly Jolly Jon said...

I LOVED The Movie it was really good but it could of deffinatley used some improvments..very emotional

Steevo said...

@Jolly jolly jon: What improvements? It is a very "heavy" film as in serious and tragic. Too emotional? Do you think it would improve it to be less emotional? Tragedy is part of life.

Good quality I thot for a Lifetime production. Lifetime also seems to be upping their quality a lot. Sigourney Weaver? Major big time star. She was incredible.

Too emotional?