Sunday, February 15, 2009

Biggest fear

People always talk about there biggest fears and phobias, but I never really had one to talk about.
I have no real fear of an animal, I enjoy the creepy crawlers, I like all domestic animals, and I respect the wildlife. I don't have any odd fears or irrational things or the paranormal, or things that are harmless, yet some seem to develop a fear of. I have a basically faux-phobia of clowns... but I mean really... they can be creepy...

Over the last year I have finally been developing a fear, my biggest and only real fear. Growing Old. Now I know what you may say, no Scotty, that is a fear of death, but no, that is not the case. I am completely at peace with death, and I have never feared for a moment my the end of my life, even in the close situations when it has nearly been taken. No, death is not a worry. It is become old. Loosing my sight, growing weak, looks beginning to fade, memory becoming hazy, lack of energy. I know there are things you can do to slow these things but eventually they will happen.

And the biggest reason this is my one true fear, is because it is inevitable. You cannot put off getting old. Everyday brings you one step closer. Other fears can be averted and dealt with, but there is no remedy, no cure, no protection from age.

I know I have many youthful years ahead of me, but I know on the horizon comes that inevitable.

I plan to make a complementary video to this soon.


Zavtrak said...

I know what you mean >_>... and especially in today's society we'll have to worry about how quickly our "young" ideas will become obsolete.

Mike said...

Yeah, growing old is kind of scary.

Ashley_Ann said...

i have almost the exact opposite fear. there's so many cancers/tumors/other diseases that i fear i won't grow old enough. not to mention the fact that 3 people in my house smoke almost a pack or 2 a day since i was born

but i also fear what would happen if i do grow old, to lose something like sight you've had all your life? it's a scary thought!

Jason Wakefield said...

I have the very same fear. I once heard someone say that the people who fear getting old are the ones that don't truly live.

I also have an irrational fear of blood, as I discovered today. Not fun.

cvn70 said...


as someone who is 47, growing old is so much different looking. although much of what you fear is begining to occur to me, OK not much of it but you can see it begin.

Now i was never as nice looking as you :) so i did not have as much to lose there but in some ways i am at peace with growing old. And although the things you cite are things to fear it is losing parents, siblings and friends which really put this life into focus for me.

Our own death is easy to accept well at least mine will put me out of a lot of internal misery.

So at what point will you be old btw at what age, because your looks will fade and your eyes will start to go first but energy and memory do not fade nearly as fast

and for each materialistic thing you fear losing age bring other benefits as you will have more money, more ability to travel, and hopefully more friends that may replace some of the things you fear losing.

my friend when you reach my age your memories will carry you a long way so have good experiences now in life and as you grow old because there will always be more things to fear as you grow old

For me having a purpose in life is the biggest fear i face at what point do you become irrelevant to this world. And why knowing you has become important in my life.

so i ask you to not fear growing old i would say fear not living a life when you are young, fear not meeting people cause you chose to live in the shadows of life, fear other things but to fear growing old is a waste of time because as you said it is going to happen

try to enjoy the process of growing old as there are so many more experiences for you to have and enjoy before you grow old

take care and be safe