Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gay Cure

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I can't believe the response I got from this video, thanks everyone =]


Zavtrak said...

I would have to consider what kind of world I am living in when such a drug would even be created, it would seem scary for there to be a need to chemically "transform" people.

With that said, I really don't think I can even imagine making a decision like that. The creation of such a drug would just create a bigger gap in humanity, can you imagine how much religious conservatives would take advantage of this "choice" to degrade homosexuals? And if the choice is made to take the drug, you will most definitely get opposition from fanatics from the gay side for promoting segregation.

It's not a decision I can make, but it sure makes a hell of scenario.

cvn70 said...


ok i came here to post the response as i was going to post it on the video but i kept reading the thoughts of others and they make me feel worthless at times.

first i have hated being gay i see it as something that cost me so much in life so now you offer me a way out and ask would i seek it. Well when i was your age and living my life in fear i would have taken it i really believe that but now i have to ask what would be gained at my age.

i could not see myself running out to be married or start a family. I am not out to anyone and suffer no harassment. so what would be gained. meeting gay people on line has helped me at least see that.

i think the answer to your question lies in if you are comfortable with being and living life as a gay person. And i probably am not as an out gay person.

Maybe knowing someone irl would be better i guess and maybe some day i will but the other premise of the question which holds me back from saying yes is the cure part

i may have always wanted to be straight growing up for that easier life but i knew it was not about a cure there is nothing to be cure from what god created. In my mind it is asking if i would have prefered brown eyes to blue eyes rather than a cure of anything

So am i what i am today because i am gay maybe so and would i be able to do the things and offer the help to others i do because of it maybe not again. so what would i now risk losing if i was straight

for your generation and hopefully others to come being gay isn't going ot be seen as something that needs to be cured

so at ths point i seek no cure in my future and i just want to live out my days in peace and to be accepted by others. and lately i have wanted to be alive more than in recent years.

It would be so easy to take the cure but that was not the path chosen for me and for each day i have suffered being gay as i believed how many days ahead will i be happy in knowing souls like you exist who i would never know if i was not gay.

i am not sure i could take the shot today as much as i hate being alone and living like this it is what i know. wouldn't it be disloyal to who you are to change. I think it would be and should we playing god.

take care and be safe


Reynald said...


I've rejected my homosexuality for years .If I have to choose between being gay or straight, my choice is really easy.
What is important in our existence? I think we all should be free of being who we are. I'm gay... Yes, but it's not the most important thing of my personality. I like people, not for their religion, not for their sexuality, not for their political opinions... I like them because they are different from me. I like to understand their way on thinking, to compare their lifes to mine. I like to discuss with all the people I meet.
I'm Reynald, you are Scotty. Why do I follow you? Because I want to learn more about you, your life, your feelings. would it be different if you were straight? I don't think so. I'm following YOU...
I don't care if people are gay, bi, straight, black, white yellow, red, green.. boys or girls ....
If they have something to tell, I'm ready to listen. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not, but I respect everyone and I'm ok to consider all the reasons that make you think in any other way than me.
I don't want to live in a world where people are all the same. I'm not a robot, I am who I am, and I don't want to be someone else.
I respect everybody !! So I'd like to be respected as a person !! That's my guideline...

MyM said...

i watched your video and thought about answering in a comment, but youtube puts too much of space limit (and i've got no easy way of making a video response anyway).

i think the problem could be addressed by changing 'gay' for 'black', 'poor', 'female', 'ethnic minority', 'person from the third world' and see how that might change the approach to your answer.

personally, i wouldn't choose being straight, it only seems to make your life easier. even if you were straight, you'd have to face the pressures of having to live in a world driven by competition, economic performance and success and so on. being gay is not the only thing i can think of, but it's an important part of my life because it's something that helps me define my position. it doesn't reign supreme in my set of beliefs, as neither does the fact that i'm a man or that i live in latin america or that i don't believe in god.

what's interesting though is the way in which you phrase your thought experiment. is being gay something one chooses? is one born like this? can one change? maybe we should stop thinking of being gay/lesbian/bi/transexual and so on in terms of nature v/s nurture (but that doesn't mean we shouldn't ask ourselves why we think the issue in these terms).


ps: i usually blog on a livejournal account,

oddlemming said...

While being straight would make things easier and allow a life that is accepted by family and friends, I think I would be afraid. I’d love to have less stress, but to be slightly pessimistic, there will always be ways to stress someone out. I know it kind of sounds contradictory since I’m afraid of being gay, but I would be afraid of the type of person I would be if I were straight.

Would I be who I am now? I’d love to reduce the things that stress me, I’d love to be someone I accept and that the world accepts, but…

Ok, granted I’m not so comfortable with being gay, but I think it is something that you start to accept after time. So would I choose to take the pill? I would need to reflect. I want to know what the Christian faith would have to say (my own reflections not what others say). It’s a lot to take in… if I had a choice when I was born I would choose to be straight.

It’s true, no one would choose to be gay… but I also wouldn’t want to change who I am. I’ve only recently began to grow and accept myself (I’m still a little shaky) but I would never want to change who I am. I come from a family that doesn’t accept gay people, the lifestyle, and tends to shun everything about it. I would hate to see myself become narrow-minded.

I guess I sound like a broken record… haha