Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rewatchable Videos #1 - Dance

A rewatchable video is just like it sounds, a video you will watch again and again. This isn't to say a video that isn't rewatchable is bad, just with most videos, you see them, get the content or the message trying to be portrayed and move on. While other videos capture some sort of interest or entertain you enough to bring you back time and again. For me, most rewatchable videos involve music, or some kind of humor that really gets me going, or grabs an emotion I want to feel again.

For my first video recomendation I present you with dance by Robmuch, which is a musical/dancing video featuring The Presets- "Talk Like That". This is one of the first videos I saw of Robs and favorited before I became friends with him, so there isn't any bias in my choice ;). The video is really well put together and just fun to watch.

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Mike said...

I love rewatchable videos. This one is great.