Monday, March 30, 2009

Were the World Mine

Were the World Mine is a musical movie that was released last year, and though I have yet to see it, I am already in love. A friend of mine, Caleb, from youtube brought the movie to my attention yesterday, I had heard about the movie earlier last year before it was released, but forgot about it until now. The movie is still not on DVD, but can be pre-ordered. Luckily the album is available for only 8.99 on Amazon for MP3 Download (here), I downloaded it earlier today and have enjoyed it once through and I am sure many times more.

It is a coming out story of a young gay boy in high school who comes across a potion recipe (keep in mind this is a muscial) that will turn anyone it touches gay. He uses it on his crush, Timothy, a rugby player at his school. He then goes on to turn the whole town gay. It is an amazing, funny, cute and sad story. Can't wait for the movie! For a better decription go to the imdb page



Mikeyblogs said...

OH. MY. GOD. I also heard about this a while back and am DYING to see it lol. I blogged about it back in January actually.

Then, there wasn't even an option to pre-order the DVD. (Which is out on May 26 I see.)

Oh goodness I am beyond excited now.

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Going to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

cvn70 said...


sorry musicals are not really for me but i like the idea of the movie though

take care and be safe


Nicholas said...

It's not shown on my side of the Atlantic, but I've been listening to the OST for months now. I'll buy it on DVD when it comes out :)

Mr. HCI said...

My husband and I both detest musicals (with a few exceptions) but we went to see WtWM on the big screen when it was in town here for a week back in January. We both loved it!

Mr. HCI said...

Btw, just came across your blog in a link and I've just linked you to mine.

In answer to your video question thing (since I don't have a YT acct): I would've taken the pill when I was a kid and was still in the closet, maybe, since I hated myself so much, but now? No way in Hell. I am what I am and I'm quite happy with it, other than being a second-class citizen 'n' all. That makes my blood boil.

deliberat said...

I'm so glad I subscribed to your blog. I wasn't aware this was out there. Can't wait to to watch it :)